Rice in Arrocería Noray Restaurant


Minimum 2 persons
cardiosaludable celiacos Rice with large red prowns and small cuttlefish  15,50€
2h encargo celiacos Rice with duck, mushrooms and foie gras  16,00€
cardiosaludable celiacos Rice with monkfish, artichoke and spring garlic (Season) 16,50€
cardiosaludable celiacos Black rice (seafood paella cooked in squid ink)  12,00€
cardiosaludable celiacos Señoret Rice (peeled prawns and squids)  12,00€
celiacos Lobster Paella  21,00€
celiacos Spiny lobster paella  22,00€
celiacos Seafood paella  14,00€
2h encargo cardiosaludable celiacos Paella with pork ribs and vegetables 13,00€
2h encargo cardiosaludable celiacos Valencian Paella (rice with chicken, rabbit and vegetables)  13,00€
cardiosaludable celiacos Vegetable paella  13,00€
Minimum 2 persons
cardiosaludable Fideua (Spanish noodle paella with clams, mussels, prawns, cuttlefish and shrimps)  14,00€
Fideua with foie gras and boletus mushrooms  15,00€
cardiosaludable Black fideua (Fideua cooked in squid ink)  13,00€
 Soupy Rice
Minimum 2 persons
celiacos Noray’s rice with seafood (spicy optional)  13,00€
celiacos Noray’s rice with lobster (spicy optional)  21,00€
cardiosaludable celiacos Noray’s rice with spiny lobster (spicy optional)  22,00€
cardiosaludable celiacos Rice with monkfish and artichoke  16.50€
2h encargo celiacos Rice with pork and rabbit  15,00€
 Soup  Portion
cardiosaludable Noodle soup with seafood
 Other Spanish Dishes  Portion
24h encargo Fabada (bean stew)  14,00€
24h encargo Cocido (stew made with meat and chikpeas)  15,00€
Healthy heart

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